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May 22, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

A lot has happened over the last two weeks and my head is still spinning!  We've added some really great products to our store and we've spent some time in the bee yard checking on our girls.  We've taken video of our last hive inspection and you can view that here if you'd like to see the bees up close and personal!  


In short all five of our new queens have been accepted and are happily laying.  Hive #4 is still queenless so we've donated a frame of eggs and brood from hive #2 to help them out and give them what they need to raise a new queen if their's did not make it home safely from her mating flight.  There was no evidence of any bee diseases or pests outside of a single small hive beetle in hive #5.  


Three of our colonies have honey supers right now and all but one have begun filling those with sweet, sweet nectar!  


Our store hosts several new collections.  First we added an absolutely elegant and adorable set of ceramic from Boston International.  



Next we partnered with Talisman Designs to offer their lovely all nature beechwood utensils that feature a laser etched honeybee design as seen here:



We've also got several new products from Lang including delightful soy & oatmeal candles, cutting boards, note pads, and more!  



Lastly we're happy to announce that we've also partnered with Nordic Ware.  We have one more item of theirs to add (just waiting for it to arrive!) but we already have the Hive Pan, Honeycomb Tray, and Cookie Stamps in stock.  



So what's coming up?  I expect to do another inspection video next weekend.  Goals include determining the queen status of Hive #4 and ensuring hive #1 does not need a second deep added.  We'll also take a peak at the honey super on hive #2 to see where they're at!  


Lastly we're exploring the possibility of creating a line of honey infused soaps.  If this is something you're interested in please let us know on Facebook and what scents are your favorite!  


Thanks for reading and staying with us Honey Hounds!